Delicious Sweet Pea Tea now available on Wholesale 🌸🍃🌹

Hello there! 
We hope you are well & safe! 
We are a small independent local business...who have a passion for all things tea 🌿 we supply to a number of businesses across The Wirral & Liverpool.
In these uncertain times we would love to help your be able to supply a super powerful, healthy tea without the worry of big expensive up until 25th August 2020 we’re offering a 10% discount off your whole order or one Sweet Pea tea of your choice excluding Whole Rose Bud tea for just £10 for 200g 
🍃 All of our delicious teas are well known throughout the can even re brew each tea up to 3 times which gives you that extra amazing value for your well earned money! 🍃
🍃 Each tea is made with pure ingredients...which gives it that extra special delicious taste your customers will love & are all vegan friendly 🍃
Here’s our list...if you’re looking for something a little different or a special blended tea just for your business please don’t hesitate to get in touch 
🍃 Supreme Earl Grey 🌿
🍃 Chocolate Sanctuary tea made with black tea, cocoa, ginger...
🍃 Organic Chamomile blossom 
🍃 Happy tea made with moringa leaves powerful tea with 7 times vit c than oranges & 30 times more iron than leafy greens 
🍃 Sweet nature made with green tea & goji berries...🌿
🍃 Natural organic rooibos 🌿
🍃 Organic Peppermint leaves 🌿
🍃 Jasmine green tea 🌿
🍃 Twilight Garden made with honey Bush green tea, fruit & berries...🌿
🍃 Flowering tea bulbs 🌸 perfect for centre pieces, weddings & other celebrations
🍃 Wild Wolf with is made with green honey Bush, ginger, cinnamon... 
🍃 Japanese green sencha
🍃 Whole Rose Bud tea 🌿
🍃 Little Winter tea...a festive spiced winter warmer 🌲
🍃 Wild Willow 🌿
🍃 Blooming Blossom Blend a delightful Hibiscus blend 🌿
🍃 Little Wolf Brew the perfect English Breakfast 
🍃 Natural organic vanilla rooibos 🌿
🍃 Explorers Tea...gunpowder & American mint 🌿
🌿 can be Iced also. 
Our prices start from just £15 per 200g or £25 per 400g 
Don’t forget your special 10% off all orders ✅
If you would like to know more about any particular tea or teas, or their super healthy benefits please get in touch we’d be happy to chat further. 
Sweet Pea & Little Wolf 

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