Aragonite Tumble Stones
Aragonite Tumble Stones
Aragonite Tumble Stones

Aragonite Tumble Stones

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✨Aragonite promotes focus and concentration, and can be helpful for students. Meditating with Aragonite can help to ground spiritual growth into the lower chakras, raising the overall vibration of the body 

✨ Physically, Aragonite's ability to raise vibrational energies of the body can assist with all types of healing. Aragonite can help to speed up the recovery from broken bones and nerve damage. Its highly grounding energies allow Aragonite to help relieve stress and nerve problems 

✨Aragonite calms, centers, stabilizes and increases the ability to remain patient, even in the most challenging of circumstances. It will enhance and encourage sensitivity and generosity. Aragonite can be an aid for those who lack discipline and self-control, and can help one to overcome stagnation in their personal growth

✨ Healing Benefits 

✨ Clearing blocked chakras

✨ Self Love 

✨ Stress Relief 

✨ Emotional Strength 

✨ Healing old wounds