Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool

Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool

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Boosts circulation
Massages the skin helps prevent sagging skin.
Reduces stress
Brightens complexion
Reduces puffy eyes

There is some evidence to suggest that scraping therapies such as the Gua Sha existed in other traditional cultures such as Egypt and Greece but it was in China where the knowledge and use of Gua Sha truly hit its zenith.

Rose Quartz was not used to produce Gua Sha in China as it was not commonly available. Gua Sha was produced from a variety of objects such as bone and horn to treat the body and Jade Gua Sha were reserved for only the truly wealthy and powerful.

Wrinkles and blemishes were often seen as blocking this natural energy flow. By restoring the natural energy flow in the face or other skin you would not only reduce wrinkles and increase the skins glow you were also improving the body health by ensuring harmonious energy flow.

Rose Quartz crystal has traditionally been associated with love. Many modern spiritual practitioners believe that contact with rose quartz crystals will open the heart and increase love in relationships.

This belief dates right back to ancient legends. Several ancient Greek tales tell of the association of rose quartz with love. One tells us that rose quartz was given to humans by Eros and Cupid to inspire love amongst us. Another that white quartz was actually dyed pink by the blood of Aphrodite who pricked herself on a briar bush while rushing to her lovers Adoniss aid