Glass Teapot 🌿
Glass Teapot 🌿

Glass Teapot 🌿

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Going through the motions of loose leaf tea brewing, can be very joyful and calming - especially if you have the right equipment. Being able to see the tea as it brews, is the great advantage of using glassware. By assessing the colour of the tea as it steeps, you will be able to brew the tea to the exact strength that meets your individual preference.


This gorgeous teapot is the perfect addition to any stylish home. It allows you to enjoy a variety of speciality teas exactly to your individual taste. Use it to serve tea for two in the morning, for afternoon tea with friends or to brew a pot of calming tea for your family before bed time.


The teapot is made from mouth blown, heat-resistant and durable borosilicate glass. In addition to its multi-functionality, the teapot has a very modern and stylish design. 



The tea pot is equipped with:


A removable stainless steel infuser - suitable for all types of loose leaf teas


A Removable coil filter -  suitable for large leaf teas, fruit infusions or flowering teas


A silicon ring around the lid to hold the lid firm when pouring.


Material - Borosilicate** Glass (heat resistant, light weight and strong)


Function - Works well for any type of loose leaf tea. 

Cleaning - Hand wash or place securely on the top shelf of your dishwasher


Size - 11cm H x 14cm W x 20cm L


Capacity - The maximum teapot capacity is 800ml (2-3 cups of tea)