Sweet Pea & Little Wolf Apothecary Gift Sets

✨§wêê† þêå & Llê Wðl£ Äþð†hê¢år¥ ✨

1 Sweet Pea tea

1 Large Healing Crystal 

1 Peacock Feather 

1 Spell Candle 

1 Handmade Smudge Stick

All for just £13.99


❄️ Such beautiful Christmas gift ideas...shop indie this Christmas ❄️


✨ White candles– Destruction of negative energy, peace, truth and purity

Purple candles– Spiritual awareness, wisdom, tranquility

Lavender Candles– Intuition, Paranormal, Peace, Healing

Blue and Deep Blue Candles– Meditation, Healing, Forgiveness, Inspiration, Fidelity, Happiness, and opening lines of Communication.

Green Candles– Money, Fertility, Luck, Abundance, Health, Success

Rose and Pink Colored Candles– Positive self love, friendship, harmony, joy

Yellow Candles– Realizing and manifesting thoughts, confidence, bringing plans into action, creativity, intelligence, mental clarity, clairvoyance.

Orange Candles– Joy, energy, education, strength attraction, stimulation

Red or Deep red Candles– Passion, energy, love, lust, relationships, sex, vitality, courage.

Black Candles– Protection, absorption and destruction of negative energy and also repelling negative energy from others

Silver candle– Goddess or feminine energy, remove negativity, psychic development

Gold candle– Male energy, Solar energy, fortune, spiritual attainment ✨

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